Product Care

Burch Barrels are built to be durable and packable so that it can go where you go. In order to get the most out of your Burch Barrel and ensure a long life for it, you have to take care of it just like you would any other piece of equipment in your gear room. This list of basic product care will help to ensure the longest life-span and best performance for your Burch Barrel. Please contact Burch Barrel Customer Service with any further questions.

  • After the use of your Burch Barrel, remove the coal pan and clean it out thoroughly.
  • Use warm water to remove soot and debris from the coal plan followed by a grill stainless-steel cleaning compound and degreaser. This will help reduce any future flare-ups.
  • Use the same stainless-steel cleaning compound on the lock collar and barrel rim.
  • Use grill grate cleaning compound and a grill scraper after each use for a clean grilling surface.
  • With warm water, cleaning compound and degreaser and a lot of towels, clean out the interior of the barrel and underneath the hood at least twice a year.