I made the first Burch Barrel right in my backyard during my senior year of college. It was a lazy Sunday morning in the fall of 2016 and I felt like sitting around a fire, grilling meat, and drinking beer with my friends. The available grills and fire pits were cheap and poor quality and lacked any distinctive brand identity. The product I envisioned, aligned with an inspiring brand, simply didn't exist. So, I took matters into my own hands. With chains, tow hooks, plumbing pipe, and a feed trough, my idea came to life and the Burch Barrel brand was off and running.

Driven by both self-interest and passion, I transformed Burch Supply Company (formerly Burch Barrel) into an outdoor brand centered on hunting, fishing, ranching, and farming. I love spending time outside with friends and family. Whether in the field, on the water, or at the ranch, there’s nothing better than spending the day outside and ending it standing around a barrel, cold beer in hand. Burch Supply Company curates premium products that enrich the outdoor experience.


Roby, Founder, Burch Supply Co.