Our story is woven within the threads of American authenticity, a passion for the outdoors, and the simple joy of gathering around the fire.

Founded by Roby Burch, Burch Barrel was born from the idea that a grill should do more than just cook food – it should spark connection, fuel creativity, and kindle unforgettable moments.

“The product that I wanted didn’t exist...
So I made my own.”

Growing up on his family ranch in Montana, it was commonplace for Roby to build what he couldn’t buy. Fueled by his passion for grilling and a deep-seated desire to experience the outdoors to the fullest, Roby set out to craft a product that simply didn't exist – a grill that seamlessly blended ruggedness, functionality, and versatility.

The first Burch barrel was more than just a 55 gallon drum suspended with a few chains, it was a testament to the power of one man's vision to shape an entirely new way of grilling and connecting with others.


Through countless iterations, prototypes, and sleepless nights, Roby transformed his vision into reality. He refused to compromise on his dream, pushing boundaries and reimagining what a grill could be.

The result was the Original Burch Barrel – a transformative grilling experience that resonates with people who share a love for the outdoors and gathering around a fire.


What began as a singular prototype has evolved into the vibrant and dynamic brand that is Burch Barrel. Roby's vision for a unique grill that blended cooking excellence with the spirit of adventure soon ignited a passion in others who shared similar values.

From backyards to tailgates to off-grid adventures, Burch Barrel's transformation from a single grill to a diverse range of products reflects the unwavering dedication to authenticity and the unyielding desire to offer something more than just a grill.

Burch represents a community that cherishes the outdoors, values connection, and believes that the best moments are shared around the fire.