The world’s first all-in-one grill, smoker, and firepit draws friends together from backyard to backcountry


BOZEMAN, MONT. – Starting Oct. 17, the world’s first and only all-in-one barbecue grill, smoker, and firepit will be available to order via Kickstarter.

The BURCH BARREL is a portable fire-brewing barrel that burns both wood and charcoal. It hangs suspended between the legs of the Ever Level Tripod, and functions as a reliable gathering point where family and friends can cook, eat, and relax together under the stars.

“When I had friends out on the ranch, I saw how most of the time, at least one of them would be head down in his phone, not really there with us.” Says Roby Burch, the barrel’s inventor. “But then you’d get a more primal process going, like butchering or cooking or tending a fire, and suddenly, everyone’s right there with each other. I wanted more of that.”

Roby’s design means there’s no need to drag your crew from the smoker to the grill, or the grill to the firepit – and no need to purchase three costly pieces of equipment. And since it’s circular, everyone can observe, help, and participate.

“It was important to me to stay face to face. I didn’t want to have to turn my back on my friends just to work the smoker or flip a steak.” Burch says. “At the same time, I needed it to be completely stable on rough ground, while still being light enough to take with us down the river and up to elk camp.”

All that was a tough order. Burch spent 18 months tinkering and welding, creating countless revisions.

A day around the BURCH BARREL typically starts with smoking your low-and-slow dishes like goose sausage and beef brisket in a state-of-the-art smoker. The precision thermometer and intuitively adjustable Stoker Vent System ensure you’ll stay right on temperature.

Once your brisket is smoked to perfection and resting, just raise the coal pan to sear mountain oysters, moose burgers, walleye filets, and veggies – or even grill up a wood-fired pizza.

While eating, the BURCH BARREL becomes a backcountry hibachi. Let your friends skewer and toast strips of elk tenderloin and dip them in a cauldron of gruyere and appenzeller.

When your crew’s had their fill, just lock the grill grate to the lid, raise them both with the Pistol Grip Pulley System, and build your bonfire in the open barrel. The Stoker Vent draws a vortex of oxygen into the floor of the barrel, resulting in a hot, bright, smoke-free burn that you can cozy up to without choking on smoke.

When you’re ready to mosey, just remove the coal pan, unhook the barrel from its stand and collapse the legs.

The BURCH BARREL is built rugged from high-grade steel and aluminum. It retails for $895 – a lot less than the high-end smokers, grills, and firepits it replaces.

For $895, Kickstarter supporters will not only get a BURCH BARREL, they’ll get their names inscribed on production unit No. 1 and receive merchandise like hats, T-shirts, and bumper stickers. Higher reward levels include guided fly fishing trips with the BURCH BARREL crew in Montana and a cattle branding complete with mountain oyster tasting at the Burch family’s ranch.

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About Burch Barrel
A company born in 2018 on the ranchlands of Montana, BURCH BARREL exists to bring friends face to face with each other, their food, and the natural world. Their products are simple and intuitive, melding groundbreaking innovation with longstanding Western traditions and heritage.

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About Roby Burch

"After graduation, I got a job that limited my time ranching and in Big Timber, which just really didn’t sit right with me. That pull to be out there only got stronger and stronger until I finally realized what I wanted to do. When I finally knew that developing Burch Barrel would get me back in Montana, I ran with it. Since then, I’ve worked to make it a reality so that I could enhance the atmosphere of other people’s outdoor experiences. My goal was to build a brand and product that people wanted to be a part of and believed in and that’s what we’re gonna do." - Roby Burch

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Name: Roby Burch
Phone: 406-924-2424 or 610-724-4996