What materials is Burch Barrel constructed with?

Designed to last, the Burch Barrel is engineered from 304 Stainless steel and high heat resistant coated steel.

Can the barrel be touched while in use, or will it be too hot?

Like all outdoor cooking surfaces and fire pits the Burch Barrel will be hot and must be treated as such. We do use a patent pending air flow design to help reduce the external temperature of the Barrel.

What is the total weight of the Burch Barrel?

The original Burch Barrel is right around 65lbs manufactured weight including the tripod and hardware.

What are the Burch Barrel’s dimensions?

Answer: height is adjustable between 84” and 89”. The tripod foot print occupies a 60” circle. The distance between each leg is roughly 50”.

How portable is the grill?

The Burch Barrel is designed portable and easy to move around. We designed it to specifically be able to handle a day in the backyard, on the beach the next and then beside the wall tent at elk hunt. Its adjustable legs allow for use in uneven terrain.

Does it break down?

After removing the barrel, the tripod can be easily disassembled. Each leg removes from the tripod and can break down into 3 parts for easy transport.

Does a Burch Barrel come with a carrying case?

No, it does not come with a case but keep an eye out for exciting new Burch Barrel accessories coming soon.

Is it okay to leave my Burch Barrel outside year round?

To keep your Burch Barrel outside year-round we recommend it be covered.

Is there any assembly required when I receive my burch barrel?

The Burch Barrel comes almost ready to use out of the box but yes, you will need to assemble the tripod and hang the barrel.

Does my Burch Barrel come with a warranty?

Yes it does.  See our ROUGH & TUMBLE Warranty for details. 

Can my Burch Barrel be used with wood or charcoal?

Absolutely! The Burch Barrel is designed for high performance enjoyment using charcoal or wood for cooking.

How do I maintain my Burch Barrel?

Although designed to be hassle free, the barrel will require the ashes to be removed that have fallen out of the coal pan. If the Burch barrel is stored outside we recommend it be covered. Keeping the moving parts lubricated with a silicone spray will ensure long life and lasting performance.

Does my Burch Barrel require cleaning, if so, how often should I clean it?

Before each use, clean the grill grate. After each use, let the Burch Barrel cool off and dump out the fire pan.

Does Burch Barrel offer a recipe book?
The Burch Barrel team is quickly gathering some of the best recipes out there. We are collaborating with tons of experts in the field to expand our cookbooks and recipes. Follow us on social media and we will keep you informed on what Team Burch Barrel and its loyal users are grilling up!

How do I become a Burch Barrel dealer?
Email us at dealerinquiries@BurchBarrel.com to get more information.

Can I order a customized Burch Barrel?
Answer: Not at this time but the Burch Barrel team is innovating every day!

Do you offer overnight shipping?
Answer: If you need a Burch Barrel that quickly please feel free to contact us directly so we can examine shipping and cost options.

Does Burch Barrel sell gift cards/certificates?
Answer: Of course we do! Isn't that the American way? Please feel free to contact customer service and we will get you set up.

Can I follow Burch Barrel on any social media platforms?
Answer: Please do. We pride ourselves on creating useful, interactive content that everyone will find enjoyable on a daily basis. Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

How does the Burch Barrel fare in coastal areas where salt corrosion is of common concern?
Answer: The Grill is made with coated steel and 304 stainless. Although this a strong protection against the elements, prolonged exposure to coastal environments decreases the life span of the product.

Do you ship internationally?
Answer: No not at this time.