Burch Barrel Awards and Reviews


"The Burch Barrel's redesigned grilling system is the best I have ever seen!"

"One could argue that there isn’t much you can do to reinvent the grill. Put heat below, food on top, and voila… you’ve got yourself a barbecue. In that regard, the BURCH BARREL is quite similar to the Dyson Bladeless fan. It took a product-category that nobody thought could be reinvented and really showed how a new format could really push the boundaries of design, efficiency, and human perception."

"It wasn't until I tried one in person that I realized it was a really neat grill."

"This thing has quickly become a centerpiece for outdoor entertainment, allowing other people to join in the cooking and giving us a source of warmth to gather around while we eat. Perfect for this pandemic winter." - Wes Siler @ Outside Magazine

"Burch Barrel is a magnet to beer drinkers everywhere!"

- Matt, a normal guy

"It is well-built, versatile, unique, and a ton of fun to use."

"Burch Barrel does a great job grilling hot and fast as well as cooking low and slow over live fire. Then it magically transforms into a fire pit. The locking cable system allows you to position the food where you want it with ease." - John 'Spinaker' Bowlsby


"It's like a flag you stick in the sand that everyone gathers around"

"You can raise and lower the lid and cooking surface on a cable system attached to a hand release called the pistol grip slider. This gives the user quick access to adjust the coals or add more fuel. It can also get your dinner out of a flare up quickly. The legs of the tripod are adjustable enabling users to set up on uneven terrain. The barrel is hung high enough off of the ground to leave no trace when taken out in the bush or set up on the lawn."


"The Burch Barrel centralizes both the cooking and social aspects of grilling into one spot."