Delicious meals sure to please any crowd from a fishing camp to a group of food critics, made entirely on your Burch Barrel.


I am proud to be able to share this method with the hunting community around the planet. It can’t be missed. I promise it will change how you process any...

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BISON v. BEEF: The Ultimate Comparison

Our friends, The Bearded Butchers help answer the common question of which is better; Bison or Beef?

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CONNECTED BY FIRE // Chef Topher Strittmatter

One thing that stands out about Topher is his willingness to create and share amazing food with his community. We appreciate his hands-on approach to the relationship between food and nature.

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CONNECTED BY FIRE // Who is the Flip Flop Guy

The Flip Flop is the west Marin County way of cooking a whole bone-in quarter of deer, antelope or  wild sheep over an open flame, but there's much more to this...

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Food For Thought: Nutrition to Excel in the Field

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: with Alishia Zemlicka of Ivory Nutrition Food can distinguish a great experience from a good one. Clients look forward to the meals in camp almost as much...

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