Bad Larry is a lot of things. First of all, it’s our crew wagon. The recipient of a new stereo system, The Bad Larry is a 1989 GMC Suburban that is a real head turner. We, at Burch Barrel, could have gotten a modern-day tow vehicle, but the Bad Larry seemed to add some funk and blues but also country and rock n’ roll to our brand. He gets about 8 miles to the gallon, but when you see this late 80’s laid back style suburban coming down the road, you know you’re in for a good time.

Secondly, the caboose to the Bad Larry is the Airstream. Always carrying a couple of Burch Barrels, accessories, branded gear, and cold drinks, this trailer has been decked out for a true Burch Barrel experience. Once opened up, there will be barrels going with jalapeno shooters coming right off of them! Grab a drink and hit the deck or take a seat in the lounge to check out some Burch Barrel films.

Finally, it was a combination of the Bad Larry and the Airstream that brought us to the Bad Larry Tour. We love our Bozeman, Montana home but this rig is too good for only us to enjoy. All summer we have a nationwide tour to come see friends of Burch Barrel. Stay up to date on our website and social media to see where we’re going next. If we’re in your neck of the woods for a fair, concert or rodeo, come on out and see us, no invitation needed. Altogether, this rig is about as subtle as a punch in the nose, so we’re not hard to find!

See you guys on the road!